1.1 School Profile

        SD Masehi Kudus is an educational institution in elementary/primary level. Masehi, originally named as Yayasan Bina Pelayanan Masehi Kudus, was founded in the year 1954. Bearing the vision, “To be a Christian School that excels in faith, science, and dedication by developing potentials based on Christian values” Masehi is now in Accreditation Level A.

       Being one of the best performing schools in Kudus, Masehi aims to: (1) carry out a quality teaching and education based on values that are oriented on developing the Christian attitudes and personalities, (2) establish students’ achievements both in academics and in non-academics activities with Active, Innovative, Effective, Creative and Enjoyable learning process, (3) improve the performances of all teaching and non-teaching education staffs in terms of Christian character and excellence in their fields, and most importantly, (4) instill values that are in accordance with the nation’s character, values and care towards the environment.

1.2 Academic Support System

       Masehi, under the Government (National Education Board) and Foundation (YBPM) support, has a total number of 17 classes (first grade until the sixth grade) and 28 staffs composed of: twenty (20) school teachers, two (2) orientation teachers, two (2) provisional teachers, three (3) administration staffs and one (1) security to guide and assist the students inside the campus. Masehi also provides different rooms and facilities such as: library, clinic/infirmary, computer laboratory, utility hall and storage area that can be utilized for the school programs/activities and can help the students in their needs inside the school.

1.3 Teaching System

       The students in Masehi attend school six (6) times in a week but the schedules are different depending on the grade level they are in. From Monday until Friday, the students in first (1st) grade until third (3rd) grade attend their class from 7:00 am-10:50 am while the students in fourth (4th) grade until the sixth (6th) grade attend their class from 7:00 am-12:20 pm. Every Saturday, all of the students must attend their class starting from 7:00 am until 9:45 am. Usually, weekdays are for the regular class and their class every Saturday is just for reviewing the lessons that was discussed for the previous days. Masehi is using this kind of strategy to ensure that the learning of the students will retain not just in their minds, but also in their hearts to be able to realize the real essence of a student-centered learning method.

1.4 Materials and Other Learning Resources

       For every subject matter, there is a separate book and reference material that is being provided by the school in accordance to the school curriculum that they are applying. Usually, the teachers do not only rely with the information that can be found on the book. They look for some other sources just like the internet and even magazines just to ensure the accuracy of the information in their lesson.

1.5 Measurement and Evaluation System

       Usually, the teachers assess students’ cognitive, affective and psychomotor performances by giving daily assessment/unit test, midterm assessment, final assessment, asking them to perform some presentations and projects, and giving homework/assignments to encourage the students to read.

1.6 Curriculum

       SD Masehi uses Kurikulum 2013, also known as the 2013 National Curriculum: a competency-based curriculum that was developed and regulated by Central Government and is being widely used and adapted by local schools.

1.7 Teaching Plan (of my major)

       The teachers use Bahasa Indonesia as a medium in crafting their teaching plans for all of the subjects, including the English subject, Bahasa Inggris. The teaching plan was based on the Kurikulum 2013 and is compose of:

* The Basic Competence or the skills that the students must be able to practice

*The Indicator or the objectives of the lesson that shows the expected outcome at the end of the discussion

*The Purpose of Learning

* The materials that will be used

* The Learning method, and

* The process of executing the whole lesson which includes the activities and the assessments.

       This teaching plan is being used by the teachers to serve as a guide in teaching the subject matter and also, in monitoring the progress of the students’ learning.

Introducing SD Masehi...

SD Masehi's Perpustakaan (Library)

SD Masehi's Perpustakaan (Library)

Second Grade B's Bulletin Board

Second Grade C's Bulletin Board

SD Masehi's Event Center/Students' Pavilion

Drama class conducted in SD Masehi's Pavilion

Fifth Grade C's Bulletin Board

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