4.1 Procedures of Teaching

       Before I conducted my teaching practice, I prepared first my teaching plan and then I submitted it to the school for checking and revisions. After wrapping up my plan, I prepared the materials that I’ll need for my activities and assessment for the students. I used the Explicit Approach in teaching because according to my previous experiences, it is more suitable for the elementary students considering the characteristics of my students and also, the time allotted in teaching. Explicit approach is mainly composed of three (3) parts, the:

*I Do, wherein the teacher demonstrates what and how to do the task;

* We Do wherein the teacher, together with the students, do the same activity in order to serve as a guide for the students while doing the activity; and

*You Do, will be the time when the students must do the activity on their own and the teacher will just act as the facilitator of the learning. It is sometimes called as the independent practice.

4.2 Time Management and Organizing Activities

       During my whole stay in SD Masehi, I was only able to teach a formal class twice. In both classes, I was given 60 minutes to execute my teaching plan and teach the subject matter. Time management has been one of the most crucial points in teaching, but I’m happy that I was able to finish my lesson, including the activities and the assessment within an hour. The main principle should be, stick to the time that you gave. If you give those 5 minutes to do such activity, then it should be 5 minutes, no more, no less.

4.3 Problem Solving

       Communicating in Bahasa Indonesia is a crucial requirement in order to live and survive my teaching internship in SD Masehi. Though we are having our Bahasa Indonesia course every Saturday, I still had a little bit struggles because it’s my first time to go out of the country and I never attended a language class from other countries. Besides, I haven’t use Indonesian language in any conversation or transactions before. I had a hard time communicating with my students at first but good thing that my cooperating teacher is so kind and understanding that he always assists me in talking with my students.

4.4 Classroom Management

       Maintaining classroom management in elementary school is quite different that’s why it needs more attention and consideration. Having been assigned in one of the most special and hyperactive class among all the classes in Masehi is a big challenge and at the same time, a big responsibility.

       I read from an article that there is no such thing as best methods or strategies in teaching, that’s why I tried my best to be able to get their vibe and befriend them so that it would be easier for me to call their attention. Though a little bit hard to manage, I never felt tired and stressed managing their class because the biggest thing for me is that I was able to build a connection as teacher-student and as friends also among our hearts.

It's Showtime: My Teaching Practice and

        Final Demonstration Teaching

A presentation for Fifth Grade Class A and B...

Final Demonstration Teaching in Second Grade B...

Giving instruction for the next activity

    Showing the students a video presentation about the things that we cn find inside a library

Students' group activity...

Individual practice to assess if the students were able to recall and understand the lesson.

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