6.1 Purposes of Practicum

       The SEA Teacher program aims to offer the student-teachers great opportunities to be able to experience the life and the culture in different places and also, to be able to build camaraderie among the countries in ASEAN Region. Also, immersing ourselves in this kind of program helped us to become a better, experienced and more confident individual with a wider perspective towards the world.

6.2 Procedures of Practicum

       Some steps must be followed in order to have a clear and smooth flow of event for the whole duration of the program. During my first day in Masehi, they just introduced me first to the teachers and to the students of SD Masehi. The following day, they already gave me my schedule and then it was stated there that I should conduct my classroom observation for two weeks.  On the third week, they allowed me to teach already and I enjoyed teaching them, especially second B. A week before my departure back to my home country, I already conducted my final demonstration teaching and they let me conduct it in the same class I taught before. On my last Monday in Indonesia, I bid goodbye to my students already and delivered my last speech for them written in Bahasa Indonesia.


6.3 Outcomes of Practicum

       This program has opened a lot of doors and windows to us towards great opportunities in a whole new world. Being part of this program made me transform into a whole new self with a bigger and wider perspective towards the world and more confident, flexible and experienced than before. Because of this opportunity, I was able to gain something in my cultural arsenal and it also gave me a chance to improve my teaching and pedagogic skill.


6.4 The Challenges of Practicum

       Having my teaching internship in other country is such an exciting yet a very challenging experience especially for me that I have fear in public speaking and is not used to socializing with other people. Moving from one place to another to explore more opportunities takes a lot of effort and sacrifices to stand firm and make moves since allowing me to stay in another country to have my internship had been one of the toughest decisions for me and my family, yet it turned out to be one of the best once-in-a-lifetime decisions that I ever made in my whole life.


6.5 Overall Impression

       Indonesia gave me an enriching experience and also, the opportunity to adopt the things that are unfamiliar and unusual to me. SD Masehi taught me how to become independent and open to new and exciting challenges that I think I would never have encountered in my home country, and that is the most rewarding of all. Through this program, I had the opportunity to learn and develop myself as a person because I discovered things about myself that I have not known before: my character, my belief and my passions. By spending my 1-month stay there in Kudus, together with the whole SD Masehi team, my eyes were open to all sorts of aspects of life.


6.6 Suggestions for Future Improvement

       SEA Teacher Program has played a vital role in molding us as future teachers. We were able to immerse ourselves in different culture and we were able to learn how to adjust, adapt and be flexible. However, maybe it would be better if next time, there would be a clear communication among the receiving university, the home university and the cooperating teachers regarding the whereabouts of the program.

A Fun and Memorable Internship in Masehi...

Terima kasih banyak, SD Masehi Kudus. Sampai jumpa.

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